Thursday, February 13, 2014

And the Valentine's Day Card Winner is…

by a landslide…

I asked, and you all answered!  I got lots of emails and tons of responses on my blog from all over the globe, and the clear winner was Card #2…the Found You Card

Thank you for making the decision for me because I couldn't pick.  It was like asking which child is my favorite.

My fiancé, Howard, doesn't know it yet, but the box of chocolates was for him all along, and now the Found You Card is for him too.  He loves my handmade cards and saves them in their original envelopes in his office.  So sweet, right?!

For Julian, he is getting a new pair of tennis shoes for Valentine's Day.  They came in the mail from Zappos the other day (LOVE Zappos!).  With Zappos, I don't have to leave the house to shop for shoes for me or Julian.  Free shipping and returns.  Don't get me started!

Anyway, Julian is not big on sweets (he obviously gets that from his father), so I didn't bother to pick him up any chocolates.  But if you look closely, tucked under the ribbon tied around his shoe box is a card from us and a coupon for a FREE donut from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  

They just opened a neighborhood shop near us on Tuesday, so I'll take him there once we polish off the box of donuts I picked up when I was there.  As you can see I couldn't just "look" and welcome them back to the neighborhood when I went in there with my partner in crime, Patty Bennett.

Just so you know, that "X" donut (upper left corner) doesn't look as good as the one on Julian's free donut card, but it sure tasted like perfection.  Just sayin'.  LOL!

That's it folks!  Thanks for stopping by today and happy crafting!

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