Monday, July 20, 2020

My Craft Room Makeover is Complete!

It took some time, but I FINALLY finished sprucing up my craft space!  It turns out that I had stuff that was 10+ years old that had not seen the light of day since I bought it.  That's a shame!

After deciding that the only way to get my room the way I wanted it was to part with some things.  It turns out that I'm quite the hoarder...especially when it comes to paper!

Like I shared previously, when I moved my Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders into place for my 8-1/2" x 11" Stampin' Up! cardstock, everything that I had piled up in front of my IKEA Expedit HAD. TO. GO!

It's embarrassing, but this is what used to be stacked in front of my Expedit (below).  Oh my!

I used to have to move these boxes out of the way and hide them before all of my craft classes and stamp club meetings.  But, no more!  

I donated bunches of stuff to Goodwill and my son's old preschool, gave some to friends, and moved some of it into our small garage.  It took more boxes and sweat equity, but I made it work!

Now, when I reach for my cardstock, it's at eye-level.  No more bending over to get it from one of my sorter bins on the floor and getting a head rush.  I can't believe I did that for years...years!  

The rest of my craft room is laid out the same as it is here.  The pillows on my couch have changed, but nearly everything else is the same.

I also got rid of all the blue accessories I had before--the magazine holders and Lekman boxes.  I opted for some graphite colored magazine holders and dark gray Lekman boxes instead (shown below).  I love them!


I am SO HAPPY with this new way of living in my craft room!  I feel like I can finally move freely and not trip over things.

I hope I have inspired you to make your craft space yours...100% you...everything you've dreamed of...regardless of if it's a few bins and your dining room table or a full-on craft room.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, happy crafting!

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Your revamp looks great! I hope that we will get to enjoy it some day.

Craft Along With Wendie

Totally Awesome! I applaud your ability to part with things. I discovered that for me, it wasn't so much not wanting to part with stuff, but the fact that I was getting rid of things I paid good money for! Once I realized that the money was gone and saving everything wouldn't bring it back, it has been a tiny bit easier to part with stuff. Good work!

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