Friday, September 6, 2013

Another MUST SEE--Safari West!

Hello friends!  No Flashback Friday project today.  However, as promised, I'm back with more pics...this time of Safari West in Santa Rosa, California.  If you have not heard of this place or haven't been, head straight to their website for more information here!  I can't say enough GREAT things about this's like going to Africa on safari but without all of the shots, jet lag, or fear of being eaten by hyenas included!

Of course we took 100+ pictures, but I whittled it down to a select few to share with you today.

Beautiful flamingos

One of the cheetahs

Some of the giraffes

I don't remember what type of animal this is above, but she lives with a herd of antelope.  As it turns out, she was abandoned by her mother, so they adopted her (she thinks she's one of them).  Her adopted family is on the other side of the fence behind her.  Sad story, but I'm glad that she has a family nonetheless.

The animals have large habitats, and some probably don't even know they are in an enclosure.  The giraffes are the biggest attraction, and they know they are the stars.  As you'll see below, Suzy is quite the ham!  She refused to move when we were on the driving path, so we finally had to drive around her into some uncharted territory after 5 minutes of trying to cajole her.  She wasn't having it.

Suzy being Suzy

Did you know that giraffes have 18" black tongues?!

I learn a ton about the animals every time we go.  I guess I remembered too much from our last adventure in 2010 because our guide John finally had to tell me that I couldn't answer anymore questions.  Hey, I love wildlife...what can I say?!

Our handy guide, John

The rhinos

Beautiful zebras

Baby zebra!

Another safari ahead of us

A monkey contemplating his next move

We had a great time on safari, especially little Julian.  He loved the flamingos more than any of other the animals.  I was surprised.  He even talked me into buying him a new stuffed flamingo for his stuffed animal collection that he calls Flamingee.  This kid is so cute AND original!

I hope that you all have enjoyed the adventures from our last vacation of 2013.  With Julian being in elementary school now, our vacations will be relegated to the last two weeks in December and June through August.  I'll miss being able to take off anytime we want to, but life is always in flux, right?  It's always a give and take...out with the old, in with the new...nothing stays the same.  You get my point.

Well, have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back next week with NEW craft projects.  I've got some great stuff up my sleeve!  Until next time, happy crafting!

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